Washington Village - Common facilities
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The community at Washington Village

The Common House

View from Broadway

The front door of this community is its common house. At Washington Village, this 2,647 sq. ft. shared space features several amenities including: a professional quality kitchen; community dining and living rooms that will be used for gatherings. These spaces are intended to contribute to the well being of the residents and the good of our larger community.

What is Cohousing?

Community Amenities

Common House

  • Gourmet Kitchen; Roomy enough for several chefs; Most communities have common dinners together one or more times a week.
  • Elegant Dining and multipurpose space; The largest living room in the neighborhood with space for meetings, activities and community dinners.
  • Patio large enough for the whole community to enjoy.
  • Central Court Yard and Garden. Steps away from the kitchen, it's the perfect place for barbecues and outdoor dining. Community members with a green thumb often grow flowers, herbs and vegetables.
  • A guest room is available to invite friends or family to stay awhile.
  • Learn more about shared spaces at cohousing.org

Community Amenities

Common Facilities in the Historic School (over 6,000 square feet of common space)

  • Elegant shared spaces on each floor for sitting, library, music; programmed and furnished by adjacent residents.
  • Activity rooms: uses to be determined by the residents; activity rooms are often used for yoga, excercise, meditation, arts and crafts.

Community Amenities

Storage: Generous community storage spaces for gardening equipment, bikes, recreation equipment, etc.