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Wonderland Hill Development Company

Wonderland Hill Development Company is rooted in community focused living.  We are proud of our rich history of working towards exemplifying what our founder Jim Leach calls "sustainability through community."  We have built cohousing communities, near net-zero solar homes, and mixed-use developments.  As the leader in green construction and as an organization with a pioneering spirit that welcomes alternative ideas, we believe our efforts will benefit our future generations for years to come.


PEL-ONA Architects & Urbanists was founded by Ronnie Pelusio and Korkut Onaran.  They believe in the timeless values in architecture and sustainable urbanism.  PEL-ONA brings the strengths of its founders together to provide services of architecture, urban design, master planning and the crafting of development codes.

Sopher Sparn Architects, LLC is a team of Boulder architects that has delivered innovative planning and design solutions for more than 30 years.  Their diverse portfolio includes renovations, custom homes, multi-family projects, mixed use urban in-fill projects, commercial, retail and land use planning.  The Boulder firm is unified by the integration of client values, commitment to quality design, sound constrction and a longstanding commitment to sustainable design principles.

General Contractor

Michael Artino of Horizon Custom Homes has been a licensed residential contractor, class B certified builder in the city of Boulder since 1985. He has completed many custom, speculative homes and condominiums in Boulder County, and is a master o all facets of residential construction, with a proven ability to design, manage, and construct both single-family residences and multi-unit housing.

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