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Washington Village is a condominium community located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. This modern development incorporates the historic Washington Elementary School, built in 1903, with new construction that implements the latest in green building technology.  This welcoming pocket neighborhood features a park and 36 warm and inviting private residences.  Built with balance and scale that harmonizes the surrounding architecture, the members will have access to 7,500 square feet of common space amenities in two primary locations - the historic school building and the future Broadway building.


This community has developed a beautiful sense of places that is dedicated to the whole living experience that includes community gardens, courtyards, a park, a woodshop and bike repair shop, a library, contemplative space, a fireside lounge, and a large arts and crafts space.  The availability of these amenities foster comfort, community engagement, and privacy.  Our city offers a quality of life not found anywhere else; it's a city whose culture promotes healthy living practices, attracts active families and whose entrepreneurs thrive.


The members have already begun enjoying the company of each other, even with the development still under construction.  See how much fun they're having!



Thank you for your interest!

1215 Cedar Ave

Boulder, CO 80304

Office: 303-499-3232

Sales: 303-886-5329

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